I am giving myself the challenge of consciously choosing to randomly do at least one thing kind and loving for someone as often as I can, and I will be sharing those moments here in the hopes that it will inspire someone else to do the same. Hopefully others will take up the challenge!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Being Neighborly


Yesterday, my husband sprained his ankle quite badly while walking the dog. His ankle is really swollen and painful. He had been planning on mowing our lawn today because it was a really sunny and warm day, but with his sprained ankle, it wasn't going to happen.

Our neighbor across the street from us asked us if she could borrow our extension cord for her lawn mower. We are always willing to share so we brought it over to her. Her lawn was as much in need of mowing as ours and most of the other neighbors' was.

She then proceeded, in blistering heat, to mow, not only her own lawn, but our lawn and a few of our other neighbors' lawns too! It was such an incredibly kind, generous and neighborly thing to do! And the thing that makes it extra special is that this is a new housing area, and we have all only lived here a few months. None of us really knows one another very well yet, so an act of kindness from a neighbor is a wonderful thing to experience! It helps build a sense of community amongst us.

Wouldn't our world be a better place if people's neighbors all looked out for one another and lent a hand when they could? What can you do to help out a neighbor?